Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bright Futures?


Bright Futures is a team of scholars from the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Japan who are conducting cutting edge research on student mobility in higher education. The project is led by Professor Yasemin Soysal at the University of Essex and involves a team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh (UK), University of Essex (UK), Bielefeld University (Germany), Tsinghua University (China), and Kyoto University.

Bright Futures aims to investigate how students like you make educational choices and experience different aspects of higher education including student mobility. The project conducts large scale surveys on students’ and parents’ educational choices and expectations, including their choice of study abroad and how such educational choices influence future life decisions and prospects.


How can I contribute?


If you received an email inviting you to respond to our survey, we encourage you to do so. Your participation will help future students deciding to study abroad. For Chinese and Japanese students the survey is 20 to 25 minutes long, for British students the survey takes about 15 minutes. For universities that allow the use of survey incentives: We will reward you with an Amazon UK voucher of up to £11 (international students) or up to £8 (British students) for completing the survey. If you did not receive an invite, unfortunately at the moment you cannot take part. If you received an invite by email but the survey link has expired, you can contact us ( to obtain a new link.


How did you obtain my email address?


The Bright Futures Project collaborates with multiple universities across the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Japan. In most cases we do not have direct access to any email addresses, instead the cooperating universities send the survey invite on our behalf. In those cases where we receive access to email addresses from a selected sample of students from a specific educational institution these email addresses are destroyed after use (i.e. after sending the email invitation and possibly reminder) and are not linked to the questionnaire information.


Are my details dealt with confidentially?


All your information and details are strictly confidential, under the UK Data Protection Act, 1998. The collected data will be used for research purposes only and the survey has been designed in a way to ensure the anonymity of the students and (if applicable) their parents taking part in it.


Should I prepare for this survey?


There is no need to prepare for the survey. No special knowledge is required, as we just want to hear about your experiences and views regarding studying abroad. Most people like the idea of the survey and enjoy taking part.

Thank you for your participation! If you have any other queries please e-mail us at


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If you call from within the UK, please dial 01206 87 3440.

If you call from outside the UK, please dial +44 01206 87 3440.